Wildcat Regiment Band CD

Volume 3 - Music from the Port Royal Band 1863-4

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Wildcat CD Vol 3
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Original Release Date: July 2014

Price: CD - $15.00

Introduction: From 1863 until the end of the Civil War, the 2nd Brigade Band, 10th Army Corps was stationed in South Carolina. Bandmaster Gustavus Ingalls recruited most of the members from New Hampshire.​ After the war, the band became known as the Port Royal Band and their handwritten band books as the Port Royal Band Books. Many of the selections were the product of preeminent composers and arrangers of the period, including David L. Downing, J. P. King, Harvey B. Dodsworth, and Claudio S. Grafulla. In addition to the standard brass instrumentation of a military band, the Port Royal Books include parts for Db piccolo, and Eb and Bb clarinets. Several pieces on this recording employ woodwinds as well as brass and percussion.