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05/10/17 Ralph Avery Rockville, MD

I first heard your wonderful band at Great Falls on the CO Canal towpath, playing for the commissioning of the new canal boat. I've been charmed by the beauty of your playing and the extra benefit of the historical context ever since. Thanks for making such wonderful music and keeping this corner of history alive for us.

06/09/16 Kris Hoffman Pennsylvania

Visited Antietam on 6/7/16. Your CD caught my attention. My 2 time great uncle, Isaac A Dunston was a 2nd Lieutenant in the 105 Regiment, Company C. He died from his wounds received at the Battle of Gettysburg and his picture is on the wall of casualties. I have a letter he wrote from Fair Oaks VA to his family in Middleport, PA. Your history is very interesting.

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08/03/14 Terry Cornett Huntsville, Alabama

Huzzah! Bravo! You newest CD is absolutely superb. The band is in top form, the charts are a wonderful variety and the sound of the recording is first-rate. A Grammy nominee if they only had a category. Congratulations.

08/04/14 Armistead C. Neely Atlanta, Georgia

It was the pleasure of my wife and I to meet a member of the "Wildcat Regimental Band", Mr. Bob Murphy (the self proclaimed "oldest living drummer boy") while visiting the Sharpsburg battleground. Mr. Murphy, being a very informative historian of the Civil War, shared renditions of the "Wildcat Regiment Band" while telling us of the historical significance of the band and the battle. The music wafted from his car stereo and passed across the cornfields of Antietam I suppose much like it did 151 years ago. Chilling! Mr. Murphy is a fine ambassador of the "Wildcat Regimental Band", a remarkable repository of Civil War history and as my ancestors might have said: "All in all not a bad guy, for a Yankee."

07/25/14 John Brookfield Charles Town, WV.

Re the new CD---well done, Wildcats!!!

06/30/14 Althea Barton Penacook, NH

Your music is terrific! John Brookfield has just given us a walking tour of our village of Penacook, NH. He told us about the history of the 3rd NH Regiment Band, and the Port Royal Band Books, which D. Arthur Brown and Brown's Band had here in Penacook after the war. Amazing history. I'm making a video of the tour, which I'm happy to share. We can't wait for the new cd and John's book. Keep up the good work!

07/05/13 Pam Ketler Ohio

Attended the concert at the Pennsylvania Monument in Gettysburg. WOW! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be awaiting the new CD

06/23/13 Phil Wotring Milton, Ky

I was in Wheeling for West Virginia Day. The highlight was your performance. Thank you very much. Please keep it up for as long as you can. Fantastic performance in Independence Hall.

10/06/12 Gail Rolls Waynesboro, PA

You did it again! You gave an awesome performance at the Waynesboro High School this evening with many people in attendance. The audience was in awe of your music and the way it is presented. Another great job! We will look forward to seeing you again in Gettysburg next June.

09/16/12 Robert and Mary Johnson Hagerstown, Penna Best Western

Enjoyed your concert at Dunker Church and Mumma Barn on Sunday, September 16, 2012.

Look forward to seeing you again. We'll be in Gettysburg, for the 150th anniversary. Hope to see you

08/17/12 Jeannine Treese Baker Mansion, Altoona, PA

The 105th Wildcat, on display in our war veterans room, says HI and thank you to all who honor those who were his companions.

06/16/12 Lee Pearre Woodbridge, Virginia

Attended your concert at the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg Battlefield on Saturday, 16 June 2012. Keep up the tradition and continue playing the outstanding music. Thanks for the invitation.

12/04/11 Dennis Mayport, PA

I attended your concert in Brookville. PA om Saturday Nov 3, 2011 very impressive, outstanding job.

09/09/11 john mendez chicago

your band rules! email me info!

08/30/11 Patricia Holland Friend from Sharpsburg, Md

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Frankfort, KY during the Civil War Sesquitennial Event and Ball. I'd like to befriend you all on Facebook.

Pat Holland now of Paris, KY, former chairman of the Sharpsburg Heritage Festival in Sharpsburg, Md.

07/15/11 robert monahan crescent twp pa.

you need to start a facebook page. i have friends in the 26th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry who are re-enactors and have a facebook page.they would be interested in your regiment. my great great grandfather owen flinn was in the 26th ovvi

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, we do have a Facebook Page, but we have never previously mentioned it on this WEB page.


01/10/11 Jim Braughler Watertown, WI

I am a grad of Penns Manor and do my best to keep up with life back home. Our town has a Civil War Brigade Band and I have had overlapping events with them. Curiosity - Pinos -- son/grandson of Bruno, former band director at PMHS?

Director BJ Pino is the son of Bruno Pino the former PMHS band director.

07/07/10 Gail Rolls Littlestown, PA

We are always so delighted to know you will be in Gettysburg. This year was no exception to the awesome music and atmosphere you make with the Wildcat Band being in such an historic setting. It is a pleasure going to your concerts. Keep up the good work!

07/05/09 Steven Meyer Leesburg, VA

My 16 year old daughter and I attended your noon concert on July 4th, in Harper's Ferry. We walked away feeling happy, humbled, and uplifted by your performance, and we both felt a new quality of pride in being Americans. How wonderful an expression on such an appropriate day. Our gratitude to all of you!

08/18/08 Zoe Eppley King George, Virginia

My husband and I heard you play at Chatham last weekend. What a delight! I learned a lot, too. I didn't know just how stirring and alternately tender or forlorn brass band music could be. This was an inspired performance. Keep up the good work!

06/24/08 Don Amendt Indiana, PA

Just wanted to tell all of you attending this past weekend's Gettysburg concerts how much I appreciated all your enthusiasm and kind words. Hope to see you again.

11/20/06 Bob Bandyk Henderson, NV

Boy, your band director sure looks OLD. Is he an Original from the Civil War, or possibly the Mexican War. [Hi, BJ]

06/19/06 Les & June Bryant Glen Riddle, PA

We have been to Gettysburg many times. We have never felt as close to historical "feeling" of that place as we felt this past weekend seeing you and listening to your music. I can't tell you how much your Sunday morning concert on Litle Round Top moved us. Many, many thanks

06/19/06 Tina Pearson Indiana, Pennsylvania

Gentlemen, We had the honor of sharing your concerts at Gettysburg this year and wish to thank you for the experience. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Thomas and Tina Pearson

06/11/06 Morgan Gardner Asheville, NC

I heard your performances at the Ft. Frederick celebration, and was moved to hear the music of the period played as it was, then. Thank you for keeping alive this wonderful part of America's musical heritage. Truly, I felt honored to hear it!

06/02/06 Robert Wilson Newark, Ohio

We certainly enjoyed your performance at Fort Frederick this past weekend. The music and the setting were perfect.

04/08/06 Robert W. Schramm West Liberty, W.Va.

I absolutly LOVE your music. I have about worn out your first CD and am eagerly awaiting the next. When can I expect it??? When is your next performence in my area i.e. Wheeling?

Friday 09/09/2005 Major A Robertson - Retired Houston Tx

What a fantastic site. Keep it coming. Fabulous. Ideal for me. PS: Where is the best online resource for sheet music?? Thanks.

9/8/2005 Piter

Nice page! I create webpages too, maybe You someday visit my site Greetings!

4/20/2005 Robert M. Fries New York

I took your name from the Gettysberg Brass Band Festival site as I am interested in Civi War Bands. Your site is quite informative,

2/1/2005 Andrew Montelius

Hi! I was wondering if the B&W pics at the top of your website are of the original band or antiqued photos of the current lineup. If you could let me know, I would appreciate it!

10/22/2004 Philip Troll Baltimore

Hello everyone, I was looking for some info on Francis Johnson - - and I ended up on your site. RG had told me about the Town Band hitting the streets at "The Ferry" and looking good. The I run across the website - and wonderous photos... I remebered when we just kidded about it. Looks truly wonderful! Maybe we'll see you all at Shep'town in the Spring?

Miss you all...

Miss Nabucco, Hail Columbia (always shot shivers up and down the length of my spine) and absolutly miss "The Last Rose..." polonaise.

Regards all around,


9/23/2004 Anne P. Wright

Civil War Regimental music has always been some of my favorite. I saw the information for Antietam - 2 days late. How disappointing. I live around the corner from there - almost.

6/8/2004 Susan Duffey Reynoldsville PA

We absolutely loved your performance at the Jefferson County courthouse during Brookville's Laurel Festival! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and musical talent with those of us who didn't know much about brass bands of that era. You bet we'll study up, you've opened a door to another part of history much wider than we'd known before. Your CD is outstanding! The music is great and the liner notes are extensive and informative. Thanks again, see you again before too long!